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Accessories of injection screw and barrel


Accessaries of screw and barrel for injection molding machines

(accessaries of screw and melt rubber tube,non-return valve, melt flange, nozzle, nozzle for nylon inside and outside the slingshot)

Material :tungsten alloy , SKD61SACM645SACM425SACM440

Process mode: cast, quench, nitriding , nigrities
Range of work: inside diameter O16~O200
Effective length: 12000mm
Nitriding depth: 0.50mm~0.80mm
Quench hardness: HRC58-63
Straightness : 0.015mm/m
Thickness of chroming: 0.02mm~0.085mm
Apply to: ordinary plastic, PP、PE、ABS、AS、PS, etc.


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